Divine Realign

Realigning women with their divine feminine power through reparenting.


The 8 Week Healing Journey


Consciousness explained in a way that makes you realize it’s not that lofty. Awakening simply means to become aware of your conditioning. You start to wake up to the bigger why of what has made you think and act in the way that you do and from there, you take ownership of your life


If you feel other people’s emotions easily, you might feel uncomfortable with boundaries. I know this from personal experience. The reason is because you feel deeply and you worry that placing boundaries will make the other person upset. I feel you and I’ve broken down boundaries in a way that will help you remove the block that it’s selfish to set them


The way you are parented plays a big role in why you are the way you are today. It sets the foundation for the rest of your life and is where the majority of your thought loops originated. I’ve broken down the 5 parenting types that are most connected to deeper wounds of not feeling good enough

 If you’re anything like me, then I know that there have been unfair expectations placed upon you and my friend, it’s time to release these expectations with love and grace. 


Those tummy turning whispers can be put to an end. There is a woman inside of you that is ready to be explored, she’s just been waiting on the right time. Here is your big fat permission slip to begin your healing journey and uncover the confident woman within.

How It Works

Each week we will meet via Zoom for 90 minutes. 60 minutes will be dedicated to the curriculum of the week and 30 minutes for LIVE Q & A. We will have a total of 8 Coaching Sessions.

Weekly homework consists of journal prompts to help you with reparenting, processing emotions, and designing your future self.

After 8 weeks you will be enlightened with a deep understanding of your thought patterns and thought loops. You will know how to set boundaries and how to own your healing. You will leave the program in alignment with who you truly are.

View the 8 Week Breakdown

An outline of Divine Realign

"My time with Des was amazing! I truly can’t say enough good things about my time with her. I highly recommend Des as a life coach if anybody is feeling “stuck.” In our time together, she helped me address negative thought patterns that were hindering my growth. Having recognized that, she provided exceptional value in her ability to assess certain situations quickly and offered helpful tools and exercises that enabled growth, change, and courage."

This is the start of a new way of viewing life, a true Divine Realign.


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