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Divine Realign


Realigning women with their divine feminine power through reparenting.

Meet Desirèe Kaye

Founder & CEO, Certified Conscious Life Coach, Certified NLP, and Reparenting Specialist

Desirèe has coached hundreds of women on their healing journey's and she is excited to accept 8 women in her next round of Divine Realign.

Divine Realign is for you if:

▴ You have the desire to be unapologetically yourself but worry, you won’t be accepted.
▴ You are tired of feeling like you’re not doing enough and want to learn how to appreciate what you have.
▴ You are seeking guidance on your healing journey from someone who has personal, lived experience accompanied with professional credentials and certificates.
▴ You crave to understand how traits and behaviors were passed down from your parents to you.
▴ You wholeheartedly want to understand your inner child so that you can evolve into the woman you were meant to be.

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Divine Realign is an evidence-based Group Coaching program developed from psychologist and author, Dr. Lindsay C. Gibson on parenting types, emotionally immaturity, and reparenting.


"If I had to pick only one thing (it's hard, there's soo many!), the biggest takeaway is we all have our struggles and shadows. I lived most of my adult life thinking other people have their life together, but after our time together, it's sooo inspiring to see all these lovely ladies, all being some kind of trauma and still held their heads up. It feels like no matter what you go through, there's hope and acceptance and love."
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What comes with the Divine Realign Group Coaching Program?

8 Weeks of Course Curriculum

LIVE Weekly Coaching Calls

Exclusive Group Chat and Community

Weekly Homework and Journal Prompts

Tiffany R.

I really surprised myself with my growth honestly. I appreciate this program so much. When things started to get ugly and uncomfortable, it was such a blessing to have a safe place to express it as well as to know that I am not alone in it. I really feel like I am learning to remind myself I am not my past. I might be a product of my past, but that awareness has been the seed that is sprouting into this beautiful intentional person with self-love! "
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Divine Realign

8 weekly meetings on Wednesday evenings









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Chrys V.

Desiree's work is not for the faint of heart but was the catalyst that propelled my life forward. I was stuck in patterns of my child self, repeating the survival mode I was in. The life I was living was of the child that survived, not the adult who desperately wanted to thrive. Now, months after the program has ended, I am still reaping its fruits. I have been able to realize that I can handle my own mistakes, and I can trust myself to atone for them, and I am not a child who needs a rescuer. I am no longer the victim of my choices, but rather the creator of my life through my choices. I went from victim to vixen.

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